Assistance Mécanique au Pédalage - Le retour du Vélo Plaisir. Mechanical-Assisted Bike - Brake to Accelerate!

GO Wheel for all bikes

Classic bikes, for a safety input. Electric bike, for longer battery life: less loads and more distance travelled.

A sustainable approach for future generations

GO Wheel is part of the struggle for sustainable development and takes part in the return of the city to live.

Health, Quality Air

Pushing back the bike fun, family, useful, professional, proposing an adapted solution is a public health approach that GO Wheel fully assumes.

Make clean

Manufacture 100% recyclable. Always think carbon balance to lighten the supply, distribution and production circuits.

MAB? The braking energy is stored in a carbon fiber spring to be released, via control to the handlebar, in the form of a thrust, as and when you need it.


MAB, the Mechanical-Assisted Bike. Finish the hard starts and the endless hills.

Federate around our Vélosophie (bik’osophy)

GO Wheel decided to bring together a community sharing its founding and humanistic ideas. More than a product, it is in the future that we want to allow you to invest. In this sense, our presence on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,…) allow our members to exchange share, with each other or with us, to obtain further information, in short, to feed a new energy stream turned to tomorrow and Based on simple principles. If you are interested in pedaling mechanical Assistance, join the GO Wheel community here

The advantages of the GO Wheel system

The advantages of using the GO Wheel system for pedaling and boosting are as interesting for conventional bikes as for electric bikes.


Classic Bikes-More security

The reminder allows you to start in front of the cars and thus to be seen-e. Pedal reassured.


Electric bike – keep your battery 5 times longer

It should be known that 80% of the energy of the battery is used when starting (or reviving) the bike. Your batteries will last five times as long.

GO Wheel gives its power back to the ebike

Classic bikes – reinforced braking

GO Wheel adds a drum brake and a buffer to optimize the recovery system.  Effective braking at all times.

Electric bike – Less environmental impact

GO Wheel can only be recharged once a week. Less electricity consumed, more autonomy.

3 Campaigns of CROWDFUNDING in 2018

GO Wheel is an independent and completely autonomous startup. We consider individuals as a priority when our mechanical pedaling assistance system is proposed for pre-sale. Becoming a member of the Adean community GO Wheel is also to be warned before anyone else to benefit above all the world from our system of mechanical assistance to pedaling, for classic bike or electric bike. Become a member of the GO Wheel community


We chose the presale model on a CrowdFunding site. We are artisans and this principle allows us to have the means to create for our customers. The GO Wheel mechanism is based on high precision and fine mechanics and this sales principle allows us to launch our production chain in participatory mode. Being closer to you, producing your system, your wheel or your bike equipped for your greatest pleasure and comfort, is our priority. You can already inform us of your interest via the contact form below, to encourrager us, to subscribe to the Newsletter or even to book your Wheel GO Wheel (not contractual)

Stay informed

Future Online Shop

When we are ready, you can go directly to our online shop where you will find GO wheel wheels of different diameters, classic bikes and electric bikes equipped with system, accessories and equipment Responding to our desire to respect nature, the environment and the living in general. You will of course be kept informed of these advances.

Individual, fleet manager or renter, distributor or builder, an offer concerns you.

Discover your interest in adopting GO Wheel

             Individual in  an urban area

GO Wheel is for you. No more difficult bike, long live the fun bike! Relaunch your bike effortlessly. The GO wheel cancels this painful moment for cyclists, and allows you to make convenient, reliable, fast and secure urban travel. Without recharging, this pedaling assistance accessible to all will be your ally in our urban jungles.

         Fleet Manager or Renter

Broaden your product line. The GO wheel will adapt to your fleet and boost your classic bikes, strengthening the safety of cyclists. It will optimize the operation of your electric bikes and assure you an ultra fast King as well as a “Green” brand image.

    Bicycle Distributor or Builder

The go wheel, by its practicality and low cost, will quickly become a standard in the world of the cycle. We participate together in the democratization of mechanical Assistance in pedaling. Be at the forefront of innovation, be the first to offer the GO wheel.

GO Wheel – Concrete Ecology project.

The corner of the Technique LAB R&D

Awards and participations of GO Wheel in 2017 and 2018

In 2017, GO Wheel was the winner of the bike Talents and finalist award at the Paris Innovation Grand Prix. In 2018, we took part in the great hacking of the city Hall organized by the Town Council of Paris. GO Wheel is part of the French Tech

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